2016 Kit now ready for order.  Let me know via the email form, Instagram or Facebook if you’d like some.

This year there are two colour schemes – Red/Yellow/Black and Pink/Blue/Black and I think you’ll agree both abide by the overriding design principle which is Be Seen, Be Safe!

Presently short sleeve jerseys, bib knicks and long sleeve jerseys are available in both “normal” and “thermal” versions.  Wind vests are on the way.

Unfortunately, with the drop in the AUD, the costs are a little higher than last year.  Note that the jersey/knicks combos are the most economical and the prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.  I will place combined orders to minimise shipping costs.

Click on the design and size charts below to enlarge.

2016 Designs

RYSet PBSet RedLSPurpleLS

RY_Vest PB_Vest

Size Charts

MenJersey MenKnicks

FemaleJersey FemaleKnicks

Price List

Item AUD Cost
Wind Vest/Thermal Wind Vest $72.00
Short sleeve jersey. $58.00
Long Sleeve Jersey $64.00
Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey $68.00
Regular Shorts $48.00
Bib Shorts $54.00
Pants $60.00
Thermal Pants $72.00
Bib Pants $72.00
Thermal Bib Pants $80.00
Jersey and Regular Short Kits $88.00
Jersey and Bib Short Kits $92.00
Long Sleeve Jersey and Pants Kits $104.00
Long Sleeve Jersey and Bib Pants Kits $110.00
Long Sleeve Jersey and Pants (Both Thermal) $110.00
Long Sleeve Jersey and Bib Pants Kits (Both Thermal) $114.00