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By ‘Enabler’ I mean that I assist cyclists achieve a goal. It may be a simple goal like buy a new (or used) bike, find a club or social group to ride with or support you at race events. I help to overcome the obstacles that are stopping you live the dream.

Mechanical Services

Need your bike serviced or built up from parts bought online? Got an old bike needing a once over before riding again or maybe a full restoration? Want some help choosing what to buy? I can help with all that and more. What’s more – I can come to you at your home or work.


Sometimes you can’t buy exactly what you want. That’s when you need a Maker. From adapters to electric bike conversions and builds, racks, tool making, repairs, head badge art and small CNC, turning and milling work.

Velo Art

Objet d’art made from recycled bicycles and components. Mostly pieces providing the bike one last lifespan and avoiding landfill. Also bike personalisations including vinyl sticker, water slide decals and CNC engraving works.

About US

What's this revolution?
The Revolution is about the physical, economic and mental benefits of cycling

I believe there are many benefits to the individual, community and indeed the planet to be gained through cycling. Whether it be the physical and mental health benefits from cycling, or the financial and environmental gains from using bikes as transportation through to reconnecting people to their community through the social aspect of riding - the world will be a better place if more people regularly cycled. So the Revolution of which I speak is to encourage in anyway possible for people to choose to cycle. People choose to ride bikes for many reasons therefore each cyclist will have a unique set of needs from their equipment. My goal is to find a saddle for every butt as it where. To make sure a bike is fit for purpose and the riding experience positive to encourage repeat use and adoption of cycling

  • Racing

    Track, Road, MTB, Cyclocross

  • Commuting

    Leave the car at home, save money, be healthier

  • Touring

    See the planet from the saddle, not enclosed in a car

  • Fitness

    Sweat is just the fat crying


Its not child labour, just my family and friends who are part of the journey and enjoying the ride.
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Glenn Mountain

The Big Cog
The Boss. I’m always behind the camera so I haven’t got a headshot to use.
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James Mountain

The Rider
Track, Road, MTB, CX. If it’s got wheels, he’ll race it.
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Merchandise Manager
If you want the merch, Lauren will sort you out.
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The Riders


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